Working Tools for Practitioners
Rituals are for Focusing your MiND. Working Tools are your Armory
Aspiration is your Target. Fulfillment is your Reward


This Tool is also used for Spirit Invokation & Directing Psychic Powers & Energy. Traditionally a Magick Wand is made by choosing a suitable piece of wood. Go for a walk in a copse, wood, forest or anywhere there are trees and look around. Oak & Willow are popular although ultimately, the choice is yours. You may find a detached branch that is just right.
Thank the Tree Spirit vowing your "just cause" and return to your workplace.
If you cut your Staff from the tree you must 1st seek permission from the tree's owners, and 2nd, from the Tree Spirit. You must explain your need truthfully and declare your "just cause". If the Tree is in agreement you will be allowed your "wood". Thank the Tree Spirit in a more personal way. Some leave silver or a crystal, some plant flowers or herbs around the tree, all pay due respect..!