Working Tools for Practitioners
Rituals are for Focusing your MiND. Working Tools are your Armory
Aspiration is your Target. Fulfillment is your Reward


This Tool is used for directing energy. Traditionally a Sword or Dagger made of iron, considered a substance from the Deity's because of its discovery and association with meteorites and rocks.
The Athame is a Strong & Potent Symbol for Directing Energy & Protection, as well as serving the Witch in other practical ways. These days to carry an Athame in a public place is a punishable offence and we believe, rightly So. It is OK to have a ceremonial Athame in your home and for use on your land or permissively elsewhere. The Witches of Ely however do not sell these potentially dangerous weapons. We prefer to use the Athame Wand which is detailed below.