Working Tools for Practitioners
Rituals are for Focusing your MiND. Working Tools are your Armory
Aspiration is your Target. Fulfillment is your Reward


The Censer is a device used for burning types of incense material. An Oil Burner is a receptacle suitable for heating an Oil and Water solution. Incense is used in all religions and is a powerful enhancement to Rituals & Celebrations.
Scents are chosen for their individual qualities and suitability to their intended use. Seasonal Scents will be used for yearly celebrations whilst others for reasons associated with your Ritual or purpose. Coming in all possible varieties these days, you are free to concoct a feast of aromas for your individual Celebration. Today Incenses are obtainable in stick form which burns slowly and requires no more than a simple holder with suitable small hole which is easily made or found naturally in wood or stone.