Working Tools for Practitioners
Rituals are for Focusing your MiND. Working Tools are your Armory
Aspiration is your Target. Fulfillment is your Reward


The Runes are used as a Visual guide for making decisions and are the predecessor of today's letters & words. Initially Runes is a Germanic word describing recognizable symbols, letters and words used in the time before the Roman Invasion and domination of the known world.
There are distinguishable Rune Sets but in days of olde, every tribe would re-invent their own Runic Codes to protect their Sacred Secrets. Runic Symbols were, and are used as an aid to predict future events being pulled or thrown to reveal randomly unique messages, an insight from the Unseen Powers. Rune Symbols are also inscribed on Sacred, Ceremonial & Ritual Instruments to aid invoking the Spirits.