The Witches of Ely are pleased and proud to offer the following
wholly suitable music for Witch Rituals, Rites and Relaxation.

We have searched a long time for real Pagan Music and believe we have found it with SevethWave. A colaboration between Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw who are without doubt the UKs most forefront creators of Modern, yet Ancient Earth Musick designed in Celebration of Life's varied experiences and the true Love of Natures Seasons and Moods.

Old Silverhead

To be put off by the cover is to be young, and shallow. This Album is so good it is the strongest contender we know for the definitive musical journey of Womanhood. From the Cradle to the Grave and everything in between. You will know this musica as soon as you hear it, so natural is it's composition.

Written and performed by multi-talented Artist Carolyn Hillyer, this is one of the most earthly and honest soundtracks you will ever hear. With instrumental backing by herself and Nigel Shaw, a prolific composer of modern, yet ancient earth musica, the Witches of Ely strongly recommend this as Female Album of the Millennium...
House of the Weavers

This is the widely acclaimed first album realease by Carolyn Hillyer featuring Songs and Chants that emerged from the excellent Goddess Paintings she produces. Deep Earthly Chants are entwined with complex and beautiful melodies to create a recording that has become a classic for Circle Dance and Song Circles.

Tracks include Mother Ocean, Sacred Marriage and Tread Gently...
Heron Valley

A beautiful album of original songs composed and sung by Carolyn Hillyer and musically co-created with Nigel Shaw.

Part I describes the sacred nature of the land - wild, wise, secret and still.
Tracks include Holly Woman and Mother of the Moor.

Part II is a creation story - the power and beauty of birthing on both a personal and cosmic level featuring songs such as Two Drumeats, the Fish and the Moon and Celebrations Road.
GrandMother Turtle

An album of powerful and evocative songs which describe a Circle of 13 GrandMothers of Wisdom.
Each of the 13 hold a key to an aspect of our inner landscape, Woman as Warrior, Guardian, Creator, Mystic, Myth-Keeper and Creature of the Wild.
Woman Collecting the fragments of ancient memory resonating with Earth Rythems, pushing to the raw edges.

The instruments used are primarily frames drums and rattles. Also featured are kalimba, didgeridoo, flutes and some keyboard arrangements by Nigel Shaw. This is recommended for Dance and Song Circles.
Requiem - Well of Souls
The Well of Souls Requiem is based in part on the classical form of Mass for the Dead. This work of Art transends religions evoking feelings of Love and Hope in our passing, instead of Fear and Judgement. Although the composers personal interpretation of the journey through death, this music is as much a celebration of LiFE.

The EAGLEs PRECiOUS GiFT is LiFE, the place from which the Requiem unfolds. Like Water, the the Spirit is drawn from the Well of Souls to experience LiFE's moments of Ecstacy and Despair. Performed by Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer, this album faces up to the the Infinite and Eternal moving between light and dark on the quest for the Spirit of Eden.
Songs of the Forgotten People
A long river of time has passed since the Anciant Clans of the Amber and Copper people walked the lands.
They built with stone and worked with bone. They sung to the wonder of Life, their footprints fitting our Earth well.

This excellent interpretation of ancient times and people represents a true inner spiritual excursion by co-writters and performers Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer. Together they have pushed musical boundries combining original and haunting song composition with an unusual and varied texture of musical instrumentation.
The River

The River is a Musical Journey flowing through 4 main movements. Each has it's own distinct landscape of Space & Texture. The River gently carries the listener on a journey of Relaxation & Healing.

The Composer & Performer, Nigel Shaw has REAL FEEL & GENUiNE SiNCERiTY for the Subject of his ART, MOTHER NATURE. Recorded with Natural flowing water & Bird Song with a Special Balance of Modern Sounds, in a Stressful, Distressed World, this CD has the POWER to DE-Stress & ReCharge you for the Battle Ahead..!
Echoes of the Ancient Forest

This Album has risen to become a Best Seller being used for Massage & Meditation, Healing & Devination, Relaxation & Inspiaration.
Willow, Alder, Hazel. Oak, Ash, Birch...
A Great Foreat once rolled in vast unbounded waves across the old land. An immense changing sea of damp shadow & Green light.

The roots of this Album are natural recordings of Forest Sounds & Birdsong from surviving Ancient woodlands in olde England.

The Lone Tree

This recording is based around the simple beauty and strength of wooded flutes. Cedar, Rosewood, Bamboo & Banyan flutes weave together layers of spiritual sound which is accompanied by bells, gongs, keys & Vocals.

The four main movements on this moving CD are Voice of the Well, Bird Spirit Land, Fire in the Night & The Lone Tree each reflecting the elemental cycles of life.

Seven Stones

This is a beautiful and dynamic recarding thats reflects aspects of the sacred landscape both without, & within. The seven movements are each a key for entry into the cycle of life, each representing a foundation stone of our nature.

The sacred seven movements are Gateway, Birth, Hearth, Broken, Altar, Dreaming and Sanctus. Like all the Ethnic Music featured on this page, this CD captures a true Ancient & Spiritual Atmosphere that is hard to find in todays shallow popular music.
The Seventh Wave

The Seventh Wave evokes the Spirit of the ever-changing colour and timeless power of the oceans.
This album has two powerful movements of Light & Depth reflecting images of the Beauty, Strength & Hypnotic Allure of the Sacred Element, Water.

The music from the House of the Seventh Wave is genuinely magickal and is most certainly a cut above the other releases associated with Enchanted Musick.
Brother Sun - Sister Moon

This ablum explores the polarity and union of Female and Male Energies, travelling through the range of emotions which describe our human relationships with each other.
This is a seamless and flowing recording with strong melodies and orchestral arrangements. This recording is strongly recommended for working couples eager to explore the deeper side of each others emotions and makeup.

As with the other recordings offered on this page this music will inspire, heal and uplift a weary mind in a modern world.

We listen to many so called Healing & Relaxation Music Tracks.
These Albums are The REAL THiNG...
NO. Even better than THE REAL THiNG as far as we are concerned...